1. What payments can I use?

We accept PingPong Pay and PayPal Express Checkout.

Also you can use the Credit Card through the gateways.

If you have none, please contact us for more help.

2. Sold Out?

When your purchase appears "sold out", you can contact us ,we will check for you in time

3. About the shoes size?

We encourage every AOOAR customer to use the AOOAR size chart to select the correct size before placing an order. But for some shoes (very small part of our selling shoes) which are not designed and produced with AOOAR’s size system, we place the size chart on each product page.

4. How do I know my shoes size?

If you are not sure of your shoes size, you can measure your feet with help of a ruler . Here is AOOAR’s tutorial to get feet size. In order to provide a better shopping experience, contact us with no hesitation if you have any size problem.

5. Tell me how to choose a pair of fit high heel shoes?

For some people whose feet are wide, it is a better choice to choose a larger size and avoid thin heel shoes. Wedges, flats and chunky heel are also popular and maybe good alternates.

6. What if my shoes are not available?

If your shoes style is in stock, we will give an exchange; If not, we may provide some similar styles for you to choose from. Of course, you can also directly cancel the order and we will give a refund.

7. Can you keep the information I provide on your site safe?

Yes. AOOAR is a formally registered business and we promise to keep all customers’ privacy safe, including phone numbers, emails, shopping records etc. We will not give any customer’s private information to any third-party person/organization. For more details about privacy policy, welcome to our privacy page.

8. Will the refund be sent to my new Paypal account if I’ve changed my account?

If the PayPal account with which you paid your order is no longer available, please contact the PayPal customer service to reopen it. And then send an email message to service@aooar.com with your order number for a refund. AOOAR will return the money to your old PayPal account within 3 business days.

9. How could I know the shipping tracking information?

The tracking information usually updates after 2-3 business days. If you want to know the shipping tracking detail, contact us and ask for a shipping tracking code and you’ll see the tracking information on the website of the shipping company.